*e eu tomei coragem e mandei um e-mail para o Blake Morisson ainda sob efeito de: Quando foi a última vez que você viu seu pai? e ele... respondeu.

Surpresas como estas fazem o meu coração angustiado "desapertar" um pouco...


Thank you for writing. Funnily enough I was giving a reading from my books up in Yorkshire last night, immediately ahead of a showing of the film. The people there were emotinally very affected too. People identify because of the universality of the emotions - we all have families, we all recognise feelings of loss, jealousy, anger, protectiveness and so on.
I will be interested to see if you like the book as much as the film. There is a Portugese translation, but I don't think it's available in Brazil, only Portugal. So you may have to read it in English.
And then there's the book about my mother. And the poems...

best wishes, Blake Morrison

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